We have a dedicated group of people who make up our school's governing body.  

School governors have an increasingly important role in ensuring that the standards in schools are as high as possible.

The links below will take you to information that may be of interest to governors, those who would like to consider the role in the future, and those who may simply want to know more.

Governors can be contacted through the school office. 

Our Current Governors

Winmarleigh School Governors Committee Membership 2023-24

Governing  Body Code of Conduct

Lancashire governors' website

National governors' association

Department for Education (DfE)

Governance (DfE)



Attendance at Full Governor Meetings 2022- 2023

  07.11.2022 06.03.2023 12.06.2023


Mrs L Campbell 



Mrs L Sutcliffe

  X X
Reverend G Lewis    X X
Mrs A Casson x X X
Mrs R Raby x X  
Mrs M Nickson  x X  
Mrs I Connick  x X  
Mrs H Collinson  x X X
Mrs M Heath X (Stand in Chair)    
Mrs C Dallison  x X  
Mrs K Hetherington  x X X
Mrs S Shaw x X X


Attendance at Full Governor Meetings 2023- 2024

  06.11.2023 11.03.2024 17.06.2024


Mrs L Campbell 



Mrs L Sutcliffe

Reverend G Lewis  X    
Mrs A Casson X    
Mrs R Raby      
Mrs I Connick  X    
Mrs H Collinson  X    
Mrs C Dallison       
Mrs K Hetherington  X    
Mrs S Shaw X    

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